The bad habits you should break!

Wearing high heels every day.

What is wrong about it:
When you wear flats like ballerina's or high-heels, you are not offering your feet a well balanced ground. That way you damage your feet and your spine too, because you put extra effort on it to keep your body straight.
How to break it:
Try wearing shoes that have a stronger, more steady bottom. Even better would be wearing athletes, or sportive shoes. It may not offer you that professional look, or stylish look you are asking for that day, but it will certainly offer you a better cushioning.

Contact Lenses - you wear them all day

What is wrong about it:
Wearing contact lenses all the time, or even worse, forgetting to remove them before going to sleep is a big problem. Robert Cykiert, a ophthalmologist, has treated hundreds of infections and he says that 95 % of them, are due to sleeping in contact lenses. You are in an increasing 300 % to 1000 % risk of developing infections in the cornea when you sleep in contact lenses.
How to break it:
Keep them in good condition by good hygiene. Always do not forget to wash your hands before putting your lenses in and of course keep in mind to always use new disinfectant solution every time you take them out and put them in again. If you do not do this, you are at risk, and think about it like a new shower with the same old water you used to shower yesterday. Nasty. read more 

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